We are a professional organization specialized in pumping equipment, our aim is to provide different pumping equipment requirements to cover efficiently and economically. We are addressed to various sectors such as industry, construction, mining, agriculture, agro-industry, healthcare, drinking water supplying, wastewater management, among others.

In "Aura Centrobombas", we have capitalized our 30 years of experience working with pumps and we pretend to act as a Specialized Center to assist with consultations and intelligent solutions to pumping problems. To achieve this purpose, we provide reliable information about different types of brands and the origin of pumping equipment.

On the market we are recognized as such and, due to this reason, we constitute an excellent Pumping Equipment Distributor and Representative which led us to establish and strengthen relationships with new Suppliers.

Furthermore, with respect the economic solution, in which time factor is decisive, Aura Centrobombas resolve this problem; this is why we are also well-known on the market, by providing "Solutions to difficult situations with regards to time and type of pumps."

Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in this type of activities.
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